Choosing The Right Programing Language For Your Website With Semalt 

Ever since the internet was created, there was an equal need to put something on the internet. This need gave birth to websites and web pages. However, these webpages needed to be structured in a specific manner. Considering that we needed to feed the computer instructions on how the website needed to look, there needed to be languages. These languages are referred to as programing language because they help the website designer (the programmer) instruct your computer on what your website should look like when a user visits.  
Semalt, as a web managing and SEO company wouldn't exist if it weren't for web programming languages. These programming languages or lines of codes form the foundation of websites. We can dare to say that programming languages are the ultimate SEO and web management element. Without them, no site will exist; hence there wouldn't be a search engine to get optimized on in the first place. 

Today, there is a need for more websites, hence more programming language in our internet-driven society. Today, there are several tutorial videos on Youtube, Udemy, and boot camps that train programmers on specific or multiple programming languages.  

However, the most crucial part of programming languages isn't knowing many programming languages but in identifying the right programming language for a website. Several factors influence which programing language is most suitable for your website, so before choosing any specific style, ensures you have considered these factors. As many sites have different designs, varying functions, and intended for a different audience, there needs to be featured in the right coding language that allows you to make the right decision.

How to pick the right web programing language

Before we discuss the right programming language, a good question to ask is: Is there a bad programming language? Well, the answer to that is "NO." while some programing languages wouldn't help you achieve what you are looking for, you will find that they are designed to optimize other functions. There are many roads to a river, and most times, there are man ways to get what you are looking to achieve on your website. As a web programmer, you can choose to use a programming language like Javascript, which is more specific or a web programming language such as Java, a general-purpose language.

However, here are some questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on which programing language to use. 

The first question you should ask when choosing a programming language is how you want your background to look. For example, programmers who are familiar with HTML have an understanding of its syntax and layout. However, this doesn't mean that HTML is the best choice for you. In addition to the fact that it may not give you want, you may not have attained the skills to pull it off. 

However, other programming languages are more comfortable to learn and execute. Our advice on programmers who will have to learn a new language for building a website is that "you should find a programming language that has loads of library resources and framework, it should have a structured form and be consise." Using a less complex programming language that gets you what you want is best because why do something the hard way when there's an easier alternative? You do not have all day to go over your codes to find errors. This makes more straightforward web programs not only faster but also easier to manage. 

Here are some programming languages you can try out as a beginner



  • Object-oriented
  • Dynamic 
  • Reliable 
  • Structured 
  • No need for a compiler 
  • Lots of study resources  



  • It has a syntax language
  • Concise 
  • Multi-paradigm 
  • Ruby on rails framework



  • Lots of study resources and guides 
  • Dynamic 
  • It is flexible and can be manipulated easily.

Why are certain web languages more popular than the other?

When picking the right programming language, you should choose a popular language. Don't be quick to shove off a programming language because you fell "well, it has to many users already. I need to be unique." Yes, you need to be unique but stop to consider why the programing language is so famous in the first place. This is most likely because it offers features most websites need. Picking a popular website is very important to Semalt because we know that our clients may not know as much as we do on web programming. We are the professionals, so they may just google programming languages, and they end up seeing the most popular. By using this language, they feel comfortable with their website. Considering that these programming languages are popular, they are going to be what a larger majority of our clients will demand.  

Using the most in-demand programming languages offers two main benefits:

Firstly, you get a community-wide level of resources. By this, we mean you never have to go to Google's second page to find relevant information. It has so much data that you can learn it after reading a couple of articles or watching a bunch of videos.  

Secondly, you open yourself up to potential jobs. Just like we've explained previously, learning the most popular web programing language means we stand a better chance at landing clients. Imagine if a client requests a JavaScript website, and we reply with "emm, sorry, we don't know that web programing language." Not only would we lose that client, but we would send a message that we are unprofessional. We all know the essence of creating the right brand image, and not knowing the right programming languages would be a big blow on our brand.

Top three most popular web programming languages

  • HTML: this is a powerful programming language that is easy to learn and largely the most popular programming language. However, a website can't is designed using just HTML. This is because simplicity can sometimes be a burden, and HTML wouldn't provide some features you require. To beat this challenge, HTLM is usually merged with other programming languages. This feature makes HTML a special web programming language because merging any other two or more programming languages can become a problem for a web designer. However, it is almost necessary that HTML is included when designing a website regardless of the additional programing language. 
  • JavaScript: This is another powerful programing language that is easy to use and famous among web programmers. Today, JS is built into many browsers, and many websites rely on this programing language as its backbone.
  • Java: When you begin to learn either Java or Javascript, you will notice that they aren't the same. Java is a long-standing language with over 20 years of existence in the programming community. 
  • C#: This programming language is quite different from the rest as it is an all-purpose programing language and not necessarily a programming language.  
On the flip side, learning and using programming languages that aren't so popular has its advantages. According to statistics from 2016, programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Python clocked lower demand than Java and JavaScript. However, this doesn't negate the fact that python is a very useful programing language. 

Front End VS Back End

This is yet another vital factor to consider when picking your programing language. Would you rather program from the front end or the back end? If you'd prefer the front end, a programing language like JavaScript could offer the best services. Websites such as Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia use JS for their front end.
For the backend, you'll find languages such as C, C++, Python, Java, or PHP very beneficial.  

Learning resources for programming languages

In today's digital world, you're never on your own when learning. You will find several forums, courses, and experts online who are more than willing to put you through on web programming languages. Learning a programming language starts with the one that's both simple and has a lot of resources you could study. Semalt, however, doesn't advise you to take up programming your website on your right after learning a programing language. This is because you do not have sufficient experience and can cause severe damages to your website unknowingly.

Ask yourself these questions and determine which web programing language is best suited to meet your needs. Thankfully, you're not alone in this decision-making process. With Semalt and her team by your side, we can provide you with adequate guidance that ensures you make the best decision possible. With our vast collection of resources, we can inform you of these programming languages and educate you so that you know what's best for you. Our consultants and customer care representatives are also willing to speak to you and answer all your questions. Now you can ask anything. Feel free and get answers. Our job is to create your perfect dream website, so we are open to any question that relates to creating a great website and getting it on the first page for the world to see.  

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